I am interested in professional artistic collaboration. Performing for dance, theatre, creating soundtracks, and playing with other musicians, etc. are of interest.

Musical Languages and Communication Skills

I am familiar with many of the world's musical systems and am adaptable to them, as well as being intensely curious about them. For example, I cannot read Japanese Shakuhachi notation, but I have an understanding of the way the musical ideas are communicated, and I know the techniques, which is all very unlike western notation and techniques, and with this understanding, I am able to adapt to work with musicians who use this system. I am similarely aware of the structures of Indian Carnatac music, know the names of the notes, and the implications. I don't know any one piece of music from this tradition, but I understand how concepts are communicated. Similarely, even in western music, I am not a good reader as my musical production does not require me to read often, but I know how (not just the notation but all symbols used in classical music) and can adapt to that. I am also familiar with chord charts and progressions from blues, rock, etc.

In essence, I can work with any musical system / language, but time and preparation is probably required.


I am most capable of free improvisation, involving listening, watching and responding.

It is my style to want to support the project rather than necessarily highlighting my own contribution.

Spoken Languages

English: Native language
French: Intermediate (International and Canadian)
Spanish: Rudimentary, but useful

It is my habit through travel to learn about cultures and words from other languages to facilitate communication using sherade. With my spoken and musical language skills, I feel comfortable crating music with musicians with whom I don't share a language.

Other Arts

What I have said above for music approximately applies to other arts as well. I have been a writer, a visual artist and a decorative artist.

I love research and if there's something to know, I'll find out about it.