This is for those interested in hiring me for performance work.

Intimate Settings:

Yoga classes and meditation sessions are often held in environments with reflective surfaces such as floors and windows which echo back the sound of the instrument. This is an ideal environment for my music. In these sorts of settings I require only one thing: enough time to set up my instrument.

One hour is ideal for set-up and warm-up time. 30 minutes is minimally adequate for setting up my instrument. It is a complex instrument to assemble and it is really too large and fragile to carry around assembled. Tuning the 20 strings alone is a time-consuming process. Any less time than half an hour and there is a strong risk that everyone will be listening to me tune my instrument when they would really prefer to be listening to me play it. One hour is really ideal, as often people are very curious about such an object and they want to ask me a lot of questions. I prefer to be able to answer these with joy rather than seeming rude and not giving people my time. However, 30 minutes is adequate in a pinch.

If you are not able to provide this set-up time, please let me know and I'll be happy to consider if there is a work-around possible.

As far as anything else is concerned, I really require nothing. I bring with me my own stool and blanket, and I don't require an outlet for amplification. I can be seated anywhere that is best for you. Against a wall can be nice as it reflects the sound into the room.

Tiny Settings (during Massage, Accupuncture, etc.):

For tiny settings of this sort, what I have described above also applies, except I really only need 30 minutes preparation, since it is unlikely for me to need to answer questions of people to whom I cannot say that I would be available after the session.

By the way, I don't need to do most of my preparation in the place that I am playing, so if the room is occupied, that's not a problem. And, as I state above, if time for me to set up isn't possible, please ask me if it's possible for me to arrive prepared.

House Concerts:

I most often play my instrument seated on the ground, much as in the manner of Indian musicians. In this case, I require nothing from you as bring my own tiny seat.

If, however, you prefer that I be raised in a chair, this is no problem at all, but please provide me *two chairs* so that I can rest the end of my instrument on it.

Amplification may be required in small settings where there are carpets, a large number of bodies, or a larger room that may absorb noise. In a setting that is still small, such as a house concert, I may bring my own amplification which boosts my sound nicely but does not sound as though I am amplified. My equipment produces a very natural sound.

In this case an outlet is not required as my equipment is battery powered and you may seat me wherever is convenient to you. With my back to a refelctive surface such as a window or hard wall, the natural sound can be reflected into the room nicely.

Larger Settings / Amplification:

Amplification on a larger scale is likely not something that I would be taking care of. If, however, you would like me to play in a larger setting, I would recommend that you have two microphones for me. One, for near my mouthpiece and the other for the end of the flute. If you only have one microphone, that will be fine.

I do have the abiltiy to plug in. I have:

List microphones preamp

I have no preference, but if you would like me prepared to use my own microphones and preamp, please let me know ahead of time so that I can be certain that I have all batteries charged.