This information is here for those interested in hiring me to produce recordings for their project from off-site. Of course, I'm available to go into studio as well.

Recorder: Fostex FR2-LE : This is an incredible recording device with a very, very low sound floor. It is also portable, allowing for recording in different environments. It is a digital replacement for a DAT recorder, which is what reporters used to use to achieve recordings of a quality that was far higher than what could be transmitted by radio. It has two phantom inputs (allows for two microphones).


Rode 1000

Rode 2000

Rode nt1

These are all microphones that are of very high quality and have a very low sound floor. Each has it's tone and I use two at a time to get the kind of sound I want.

Soundcapture Style:

Much of my music is based around subtle fluctuations in tone quality and an intimate feel. For this reason, I put the greatest stress on capturing as much sound detail as possible. This is my reason for having equipment with ultra low sound floor, as it allows notes to arise from silence and fall back into silence without running into equipment hiss. This results in a raw recording that has all the bass tones but also has a great deal of high harmonics and detail. It is then in post that some of the upper details can be rounded off to produce a more naturalistic sound.

Editing Software Audio:

Produces file types such as this and that.

Editing Software Video:

Produces file types such as this and that.

Ultra Portable Field Recorder:

This is nice little field recorder for capturing sketches. It is portable enough to be bround around for just-in-case. It is not capable of producing studio-quality recordings but that isn't it's purpose. Instead, it's great for grabbing a record of impromptu jams, conversations, etc.

A note for those looking for advice on their own purchasses: I highly recommend all the equipment and software that I use. They have been researched to the Nth degree and are all products which produce results far and away beyond their price points and produce the high quality professional recording. Everything, however, has it's drawbacks, typically in useability rather than result, and I encourage you to do your own research. I am also happy to answer your questions about what I have just for the fun of talking shop. I don't, however, know about equipment and software outside of what I currently use and own. At one time I researched it all, but I no longer retain that knowledge.